published on 09/02/2013

Motivated and efficient people who constantly bring stimuli, experience and passion to their work, translating it into a highly technological and versatile product.

We invest in human resources as a driving force of innovation, development and raising of quality standards. Young persons internally trained collect the know-how, the result of years of experience, and enrich it with their dynamism. A continuous exchange of ideas, a vital condition for a sector that feeds on technology.

Direct contact with professionals in automation, who interact daily with DEA products offers us the advantage of being able to listen to and carry out our customers needs: we study solutions to practical problems, always aiming for simplicity and ease of use.

Convinced of the excellence of what we create and confirmed on the field by customer satisfaction, we have success in exporting our Italian made products on the international market, with branches in Spain, Poland, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and from summer 2012, Belarus and Russia, to continue that kind of open and fervent dialogue leading to improvement and optimization. Different cultures have met to develop a single, shared culture of innovation, because, only from ideas and people who move without borders can arise automation of quality. DEA is freedom of movement. The pleasure of satisfy you is searched every day around all the world.